Know the Law

Virginia Law addresses tethering. In July 2020, it was updated to expand the definition of “adequate shelter” for pets

The tethering law, titled SB272, seeks to address tethering by expanding the definition of “adequate shelter” for pets. It was passed by the Virginia House and Senate and signed into law in April 2020.

No tethering permitted:

  1. When outdoor temperature is above 85 F or below 32 F
  2. During a heat advisory or a severe weather warning
  3. During a hurricane warning or tropical storm warning
  4. If the animal is not safe from predators or well suited or equipped to tolerate its environment
  5. Tethers must be 15’ in length or 4 times the length of the animal, whichever is greater. Animal control officer may grant exception of no less than 10’ or 3 times the length of the animal, if it makes the animal safer, more suited, and better equipped to tolerate its environment.

Humane Education

Help children learn about tethering through this amazing book. Click on the photo for a link and more information.