Little Free Libraries

Prince William SPCA is the steward of 22 Little Free Libraries throughout Prince William County and Manassas City. The libraries offer a direct way to provide humane education into the community. Books about animals teach children empathy, which can go a long way in battling so many challenges the students face every day. Children who care about animals will also care about their fellow classmates, adults and other people in the community. Anything Prince William SPCA can do to foster this compassion is a win-win for the children and society as a whole. Little Libraries are places where Prince William SPCA can share great animal books with young people and have them available 24/7. Visit one of our 22 libraries today!

Animal Shelter Little Free Libraries

Prince William SPCA and Girl Scout Troop 1917 are proud to announce that they are the stewards of two new Little Free Libraries. The Junior Troop from Lake Ridge, VA, had an idea to sponsor the libraries to earn their Bronze Award the highest honor a Girl Scout Junior can achieve. The girls love animals and wanted to share that passion through the libraries and animal-themed books. They decided there was no better place to have the libraries than at the Prince William County Animal Shelter and the Manassas City Animal Adoption Center. To help with the cost of the $1,500 project, the troop partnered with Prince William SPCA. The libraries were installed in late August 2016, and are open for business. Visitors are encouraged to take an animal book home or leave an unwanted book there to share with others. The library also features an informational brochure box, and a dog leash hook to keep Fido safe while visitors browse.

  • Prince William County Animal Shelter, 14807 Bristow Road, Manassas, VA 20112
  • Manassas City Animal Adoption Center, 10039 Dean Drive, Manassas, VA 20110

Elementary & Middle Schools

Congratulations to the following schools that received a Little Free Library sponsored by the Prince William SPCA: Antietam ES, Bennett ES, Benton MS, Coles ES, Covington Harper ES, Ellis ES, Glenkirk ES, Henderson ES, Lake Ridge ES, Loch Lomond ES, Marshall ES, Montclair ES, Mullen ES, Penn ES, Rockledge ES, Rosa Parks ES, Sinclair ES, Springwoods ES, West Gate ES, and Westridge ES.

Twenty Prince William County Schools have received Little Free Libraries thanks to a $3,495 grant from Prince William SPCA. Special thanks goes out to John Dolan, a teacher at Beville Middle School, for facilitating this project. His students received the library kits and constructed them over the 2017-18 school year.