Animal Cruelty

See something? Say something. Always.

By law, companion animals must be given fresh water and shelter, especially in the hottest and coldest times of the year. To report this or similar incidents, call Prince William County Animal Control at 703.792.6500 or Manassas City Animal Control at 703.257.8009. If the animal is immediate distress, please call 911.

Prince William SPCA cannot get involved with domestic disputes over animals nor does it have the jurisdiction to accept cruelty complaints. Instead, we refer all cases to the Animal Control Bureau in Prince William County and Manassas City.

Virginia Law

Virginia law requires adequate sheltering of animals. Please make sure your pets have plenty of shade, proper shelter, space and water.  The definition of “adequate shelter” for companion animals was amended in 2019 to require the provision of shelter that, during hot weather, is shaded and does not readily conduct heat and, during cold weather, has a windbreak at its entrance and provides sufficient bedding material. It is required that in order to meet the mandate that an animal be given adequate space, a tether must be at least three (3) times the length of the animal or ten (10) feet in length, whichever is greater and not cause injury or pain, not weigh more than one-tenth of the animal’s body weight, or have weights or heavy objects attached to it.