Spreading awareness of the dangers of feeding human food to pets

Girl Scouts at PetSmartTo celebrate Thanksgiving, the Prince William SPCA worked with Operation Turkey and Girl Scout volunteers to donate bags of pet food to help needy families and raise awareness of the negative effects of feeding pets, primarily cats and dogs, human food. The donation was valued at $848 and provided 77 bags of cat food and 36 bags of dog food. Each bag was filled with enough food for at least one day, as well as a pamphlet about proper nutrition of pets.  The bags were given to and distributed at ACTS (Action in Community Through Service) and the Haymarket Regional Food Pantry.

During the first two Saturdays of November, girls from the Girl Scout Troop 2577 visited PetSmart, armed with hundreds of dollars in gift cards provided from the Prince William SPCA, as well as smaller donations made by some of the girls’ parents. The girls bought food for both dogs and cats and packaged the food in labeled bags provided by the Prince William SPCA. The packages were then divided up with some of the food going to the Haymarket Regional Food Pantry and the rest going to ACTS.

This project’s public service message is to educate people about the dangers of feeding pets table food during holidays and provide families with healthy alternates.  Turkey bones can cause choking hazards for pets, and other foods, like sweets and rich gravy, cause pets to become sick and even die.  In an effort to prevent this, Prince William SPCA has worked for many years to provide healthy pet food to families in need.

Life-saving Devices Now at Every Fire Station in Prince William County

October 17, 2020 – In celebration of National Fire Safety Month, the Prince William SPCA has donated 65 Wag’N O2 Fur Life pet oxygen mask kits to Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue System. The donation, valued at $5,570.92, provided kits for each fire station’s response units. The kits come with three different size masks that can be used on dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and many more species.

On Saturday, October 17, 2020, Prince William SPCA board members traveled to Stations 6, 18 and 26 to make in-person deliveries and to thank the first responders for their dedication to the community. “We are thrilled to provide our local first responders with access to critical equipment that can save the lives of pets,” says Prince William SPCA President, Melissa Korzuch. She continues, “The community should have peace of mind knowing these devices are readily available county-wide on every fire truck that responds to an emergency.”

In 2013, the Prince William SPCA donated 42 pet oxygen mask kits to Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue System. This recent donation will replace worn equipment and provide new equipment for fire stations built after 2013. Battalion Chief Bruce Tucker assisted the Prince William SPCA with coordinating the latest donation and commented, “There have been a number of times over the last 7 years where we were able to utilize the previously provided resources to make a difference in a family’s life.” Adding, “We are fortunate and thankful for the SPCA’s willingness to help us make a difference through these generous donations to the Fire and Rescue System.”

Pet oxygen masks are necessary to resuscitate animals suffering from smoke inhalation. The device works similarly to equipment manufactured for humans suffering from smoke inhalation, except these devices are used solely for companion animals. The cone-shaped design has a a rubber seal that creates a snug fit over the animal’s nose and mouth making the oxygen delivery more effective than oxygen masks designed for humans. Pets often sustain inhalation of smoke or carbon monoxide and can die in transport to a veterinarian. This life-saving equipment is used at the site of the fire, offering immediate aid to the pet and thus minimizing the number of animal fatalities that occur due to fire.

Huge THANK YOU goes out to the wonderful team at Metro Nova Creative.  As part of our 16th anniversary, we are working update online and print media with the new, refreshed look!  Metro Nova Creative provided in-kind design support to update our logo. If you need help with logos, graphic design, website design, or marketing, visit their website.

Prince William SPCA is participating in the 2020 CFCNCA Campaign: # 66973
September 21, 2020 – If you are a federal worker or retiree, please support Prince William SPCA during this year’s CFC campaign. Donations we receive from CFC enable us to continue our programs that reduce euthanasia, increase adoptions and improve the lives of companion animals in our LOCAL community. Thank you in advance for your generous support!

For details on how you can make a donation, visit https://cfcnca.org.

Campaign runs through January 15, 2021.

Cheers to the past 16 years and to many years to come!

While 2020 has been very different than the other 15 years, what has not changed is our continued dedication to companion animals. Huge shout out to everyone who has been instrumental in our many successes over the last 16 years…

Clear the Shelters event will be held the entire month of August

The Prince William SPCA is partnering with the Prince William County Animal Shelter on adoption, spay/neuter and medical fees for their animals for the entire month of August.

Where the pets are…

Friends of the Shelter Program


Prince William County Animal Shelter Under Construction

It is finally here!  After many years of advocating, Prince William County is on its way to having a new animal shelter. Construction has begun and there are already many changes that have begun.  A new entrance has been added to the shelter located on Bristow Road. The previous entrance has now been closed and visitors will need to drive up the paved roadway and park in the gravel area. The new entrance is located 450 away from the previous one.
Handicap parking can be found directly in front of the building, in the paved area nearest to the front door.
Prince William County Department of Facilities & Fleet Management currently estimates the construction project at 5 percent completion. This news comes after the PWC Board of County Supervisors issued a Notice to Proceed to the General Contractor, Taft Construction Inc. (May 6, 2020) and the approval to bring the project budget to $16.7M (June 16, 2020).
Site work has included:
  1. Closure of the old Animal Shelter Entrance Off of Bristow Road and the creation of a new one.
  2. Demolition of the old parking lot and creation of a new one.
  3. Demolition of the old Animal Control Building
Taft Construction has also worked on erosion and sediment controls which have been completed and inspected. View some of the photos (compliments of PWC Animal Shelter)  below to see some of the construction to date. To stay up to date with progress on the project visit https://bit.ly/30DzRMU.

Happy 4th of July!

We were happy to celebrate the holiday by sharing Pup Cup treats that were dropped off at the Prince William County Animal Shelter! Thank You to all the amazing people at the Shelter who take care of these adorable furbabies on holidays and every day!


New Law Expands Definition of  “Adequate Shelter” for Pets

The new tethering law, titled SB272, seeks to address tethering by expanding the definition of “adequate shelter” for pets. It was passed by the Virginia House and Senate and signed by Governor Ralph Northam in April 2020.

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Helping the Little Ones

(May 2020) We were thrilled to be able to support the Prince William County Animal Shelter’s foster program with a donation of Foster Kitten Kits! These kits will go a long way in helping newborn kittens under the care of their Foster Program. We supplied scales, nipples, formula, mother/kitten food, thermometers, and warming pads. As the season goes on, we will replenish the supplies as needed.

Special thanks to our friends at Pirates of the Potomac for their $5,000 donation that supports this program.

Have you ever thought about becoming a foster at the Prince William County Animal Shelter? Click Here https://bit.ly/38LK6AB for more information on their Foster Program!