Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting the PWSPCA, please take a look at the list below that includes many of the questions we are asked through our hotline. If you don’t see your answer below or on other sections of our web site, call our hotline at 703-772-2799 or contact us.

Q. How do I report a suspected act of animal cruelty?

A. By law, companion animals must be given fresh water and shelter, especially in the hottest and coldest times of the year. To report this or similar incidents, call Prince William County Animal Control at 703/792-6465 or Manassas City Animal Control at 703/257-2420. If the animal is immediate distress, please call 911.  Please do not call or email the PWSPCA if you suspect animal cruelty but instead directly contact the jurisdiction listed above that handles cruelty cases for your area.

Q. Where can I get my cat or dog spayed or neutered at a reduced cost?

A. The Prince William SPCA has had a long history of working with the Anicira Veterinary Clinic (formerly the Potomac Spay/Neuter Clinic).  For information on this clinic and other low-cost resources for spay/neuter, visit our Spay/Neuter Page.

Q. Does the PWSPCA offer euthanasia and/or other vet care services?

A. No, the PWSPCA does not offer euthanasia or other vet services. Please visit our “Low Cost Resources” page for updated information on various pet-related services available in our community for reduced fees.

Q. Where can I adopt a pet?

A. The PWSPCA strongly encourages everyone to adopt their next pet from one of the local animal shelters. There are also many good rescue organizations that have pets available for adoption. Please NEVER buy a pet at a pet store, breeder or from an unlicensed dealer as these pets are often sick or have lived in conditions that are inhumane.

Q. Who do I call if I need to give up a pet?

A. Before making the decision to give up a pet, please look at all your options. Pets are family members and should not be looked at as disposable items. If you have to move, make sure your pet is able to go with you. If you or someone in your household is pregnant, know the facts about coexisting with kitty during the pregnancy. If you have exhausted all your options and must give away your pet, please try to find it a good home with a friend or relative. There are some rescue groups that will take the animal but most are already overwhelmed with other pets. Never drop off your pet at a farm or in the woods because domestic pets cannot care for themselves in unfamiliar environments. Your pet will become confused and more than likely be killed by a wild animal or hit on the road as he or she tries to return home. If you must, take your pet to the local shelter but be aware that more than 50% of all pets that end up in many shelters are euthanized.

Q. Can the PWSPCA help me locate a lost pet?

A. The Prince William SPCA has no facility that holds pets that may be lost. We advise that if you have a pet that is lost that you contact–or better yet visit–the two local shelters in our area. Please keep in mind that stray animals are held often times for only 7 days so visiting the shelters often in the first days of losing your pet is vital to its recovery.If you have other pets, please consider microchipping them so that they may be returned to you if lost. Most animal shelters and veterinary clinics have devices that can read microchip information and will contact you if someone brings in your pet.

  • Prince William County Animal Shelter: 14807 Bristow Road, Manassas, VA 20112 | Phone: 703.792.6465 | Email:
  • Manassas City Animal Adoption Center: 10039 Dean Drive, Manassas, VA 20110 | Phone: 703.257.2420

Q. I am pregnant and love my two cats. I heard I must give them up for the safety of my baby. Is that true?

A. No. While you need to take special precautions with the litter box, you need not give up your cats just because you are pregnant. Have your husband or other family member tend to the litter box and if you must clean it, do so frequently and always wear gloves.

Q. Is the Prince William SPCA the local shelter?

A. No, the Prince William SPCA and the Prince William County Animal Shelter are not affiliated. The Prince William SPCA is a nonprofit organization made up entirely of volunteers. The Prince William County Animal Shelter is a municipal facility run by the county government. The Prince William SPCA, through its Friends of the Shelter program, works directly with the Prince William County Animal Shelter on projects that help the many animals that end up there.

Q. Can the PWSPCA help me trap a cat?

A. No, the PWSPCA does not have the volunteer staff to assist with trapping of animals. We recommend you contact a feral cat organization to assist you.

Q. Help! I have a snake in my bathroom! Who can I call?

A. There are new rules that dictate what Animal Control for the county will cover. Please click here for more information.

Q. I have an injured squirrel in my yard. What can I do?

A. Call Wildlife Rescue League at 703-440-0800 if you have sick or injured wildlife you believe is in need of human assistance. One of their volunteers will return your call and give you instructions on how to proceed. Their hotline operates from 8 AM to 9 PM (6 PM in winter) every day of the year. If you call after hours, your call will be returned after 8 AM the following day.