Support the New Animal Shelter

New Animal Shelter Presentation August 1, 2017 at 2 PM
County staff is scheduled to make a presentation to the Board of County Supervisors on Tuesday, August 1 at 2 PM in the Board Chambers of the McCoart Building (1 County Complex Court). Plan to attend to hear the presentation and to speak during Citizens’ Time. Review the presentation here: New Animal Shelter Presentation

What Can I Do to Help? The decision to build a new shelter is here. Funding for design and planning was approved last year but funding for the shelter itself has not been approved.  Options will be presented to the Prince William Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) on August 1 and a vote is expected in September. Citizens are urged to show their support for the new shelter by contacting the BOCS via email, phone call, letter, Citizens’ Time or an office meeting. Tell them you support a new, centralized animal shelter that meets the needs of our community.

How Do I Know Who My Supervisor Is? Prince William County is divided into magisterial districts, each represented by a Supervisor. To find out who your supervisor is, go to Look under “Elected Officials Information” to find your supervisor. Below are the email addresses to the entire BOCS as well as individual supervisors. We recommend that you write your Supervisor and copy the entire board (

When are the Board Meetings? Board meetings are held on Tuesdays and a complete meeting schedule can be found on the County website (search Board of County Supervisors). Some meetings are at 2 PM and others at 7:30 PM.  The schedule can change so be sure to check the link above before you plan to attend. Each meeting allows citizens to address the board for up to three minutes. If you speak, it is not necessary to do so for the entire 3 minutes. In fact, short yet direct messages are just as effective as longer speeches.

Why Do We Need a New Animal Shelter?

  • The county has never built an animal shelter. The existing shelter was donated to the county by a local nonprofit group in 1975.
  • Stafford County is currently building a new $5.7 million animal shelter and their population is 136,000 (Prince William’s is 450,000)
  • Fairfax county’s animal shelter was recently renovated at a cost of $11 million with an additional animal shelter included in a new $30 million police station
  • The shelter has been on the county’s “Unmet Critical Needs” list since 2012
  • A new animal shelter has been included in county budget discussions appearing as a Board of County Supervisors unfunded strategic goal priority for 2013-2016 and again during discussions on the FY 2014-2019 Capital Improvement Program (CIP). It is currently in the 2017-2022 CIP.
  • The Prince William County Animal Shelter receives 180,000 walk in requests, 12,000 calls for service annually
  • 4,000+ animals enter the shelter annually; approximately 1,000 of the animals are euthanized
  • The cost to house an animal for one day is $164.26
  • Sick animals, on average, cost the county approx. $72.93/stay above the housing cost
  • Fee charged for each animal adopted is $45
  • The county would not need to invest in any additional property for the new facility. The current property is large enough for expansions.
  • By Va. law, the county must provide a shelter for stray, abandoned or unwanted animals
  • Prince William County is the second largest county in Virginia with a population of 450,000 people, is the 12th wealthiest county in the United States, and is 1 in Virginia for job growth