Virtual Shelter Tour

PWC_shelter_entranceThe Prince William County Animal Shelter was built in 1975 and no major renovations have been done on the facility since then.  The county did not build the shelter.  A local SPCA was established to raise money for and build a shelter.  After the construction was completed, the SPCA was disbanded and the building was donated to Prince William County. There are no welcome signs at the building or at the entrance of the drive to the shelter.

PWC_shelter_inside_entrancePWC_front_deskAs you enter the front door, a makeshift pet food and supply pantry has been established (L).  There is no space in the shelter to expand this service that provides needy families with assistance needed to feed their pets.  The front lobby (R) is very compact with little room for storage of supplies.

PWC_catroom PWC_critter_roomThe cat room (L) and critter room (R) are filled to 100% capacity mostly every day.  The cat condos are made of a material that is difficult to clean and ideally should be replaced with stainless steel for better sanitation and disease control.

PWC_ceiling_critter_room PWC_Cat_room_fanPWC_Fan_in_dog_run Many areas of the shelter have exposed pipes and show signs of damage and age (L).  The cat room fan (C) does little to aid in the ventilation of the air.  A fan was added to the dog room (R), but it does little except move the air around.  The poor ventilation system hinders disease prevention and contributes to outbreaks that affect the entire shelter population, including its staff. Animals that enter the shelter system healthy often become sick, need medical attention, are administered costly treatments, and are often euthanized despite the shelter staff’s efforts.

PWC_dog_runsThe outside dog runs are very compact and offer no grass to walk and play on.  The concrete pads become hot in the summer and cold in the winter, making them not ideal for meeting with potential adopters.



The shelter grounds are made up of the main shelter building and a several smaller trailers and sheds that have been added on to the facility over the years. There is room on the current land to build a new facility, eliminating the need for the various add-on structures.

Ready to take an in-person shelter tour?  Visit them during regular business hours:

Prince William County Animal Shelter
14807 Bristow Road, Manassas, VA 20112

Hours of Operation:

  • Tuesday – Friday: 11:00am-5:00pm
  • Saturday: 10:00am-4:00pm
  • Sunday: 12pm-4pm
  • Monday and Holidays: Closed