PWSPCA Launches New Pawsitive Impact Program

Do want to make a social impact that will help the lives of companion animals?
Do you participate in a student-led, student-run team, organization, or chapter that focuses on community service?

The Prince William SPCA has launched the Pawsitive Impact Program that aligns our mission with the work of creative young individuals seeking to make a difference in the lives of companion animals. This program provides resources and funding for student-led, student-run proposals that will make a positive social change for animals in our community.

The program is open to K-12 youth working either in a group or as individuals. Applicants must be officially affiliated with an organization and have a designated advisor or leader.  Focus will be on companion animal projects. The funding aims to support projects as part of service awards for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H groups, Honor Societies, etc. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts earning the highest awards in their organizations are encouraged to apply. Winning projects should make a substantial impact on companion animals in the community. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis by a committee appointed by the Prince William SPCA.  Funding is limited and not all proposals will receive financial support.  Up to $500 in funding may be requested each program year.

Scope of the 2018-19 Program (runs through August 1, 2019):

  • Cruelty (animals in hot cars, tethering, identifying acts of cruelty)
  • Adoption (increase shelter adoption, shelter pet awareness vs. breeder or pet store, pet food pantry)
  • Enrichment for pets (shelter pets and family pets)
  • Behavior (litter box, dog park socialization)
  • Humane Education
  • Healthy Pets (nutrition, poison)
  • Spay/Neuter (why is it important, myths)

Examples of Projects that will be considered*:

  • Organize a large scale pet food and supply drive at your school
  • Develop a meals-on-wheels program for pets
  • Develop a program that teaches elementary school students about animal cruelty
  • Create a campaign that educates the community about not leaving pets in hot cars
  • Research what plants and foods are poisonous to dogs or cats and share what you learn with others at a workshop
  • Create an animal club at your school
  • Create an animal enrichment program that helps shelter dogs and cats
  • Organize a workshop that uses recycled materials for cats and dogs (card board scratchers, t-shirt pulls)
  • Promote healthy pets by hosting a wellness event at a local school or community center
  • Work with a trainer to host a dog behavior class
    …or use your creativity to come up with your own ideas!

*Special consideration will be given to projects that directly support the Manassas City Animal Adoption Center and the Prince William County Animal Shelter. More information on these facilities, visit the Prince William SPCA’s Friends of the Shelter page.

Interested in learning more? Click here for application information.