PWC Animals need your voice!

Call for Action!

The construction for the new animal shelter has once again been delayed.  Read article here.   Due to the delays, costs have increased, and size and quality of the shelter is being decreased.  Prince William SPCA is urging all citizens to call or email their Supervisors and ask why this project is taking so long.  The community advocated for “Option C” and the Board approved funding for that option, but the specs for the shelter no longer support that option.  The longer the county waits, the more will be cut from an already very “basic needs” shelter.

County taxpayers asked for, and the county funded, a modern, efficient facility in 2017.  Where is that shelter and the accountability?

How we got here:

  • 2014 Prince William SPCA began advocacy campaign for a new animal shelter.
  • 2015 PWC Animal Shelter euthanizes 83 cats due to disease outbreak and inadequate ventilation, promoting community support for a new shelter.
  • 2015 Board of County Supervisors approves shelter funding.
  • 2017 Shelter Option “C” approved.
  • 2019 Option “C” dramatically down-scaled due to increased construction cost. Removal of vet suite, reduction in overall size, reduced cage size, and more.
  • 2020 Construction delayed, new opening fall 2021, “maybe”. Continued effort to reduce cost without input from animal experts, the community or board approval.

Please call or e-mail your county supervisor and voice your support for the immediate focus on this project.
Board e-mail:

More on the timeline of the shelter advocacy campaign.