Girl Scouts Work with PWSPCA to Provide Pet Food to Needy Families

Spreading awareness of the dangers of feeding human food to pets

Girl Scouts at PetSmartTo celebrate Thanksgiving, the Prince William SPCA worked with Operation Turkey and Girl Scout volunteers to donate bags of pet food to help needy families and raise awareness of the negative effects of feeding pets, primarily cats and dogs, human food. The donation was valued at $848 and provided 77 bags of cat food and 36 bags of dog food. Each bag was filled with enough food for at least one day, as well as a pamphlet about proper nutrition of pets.  The bags were given to and distributed at ACTS (Action in Community Through Service) and the Haymarket Regional Food Pantry.

During the first two Saturdays of November, girls from the Girl Scout Troop 2577 visited PetSmart, armed with hundreds of dollars in gift cards provided from the Prince William SPCA, as well as smaller donations made by some of the girls’ parents. The girls bought food for both dogs and cats and packaged the food in labeled bags provided by the Prince William SPCA. The packages were then divided up with some of the food going to the Haymarket Regional Food Pantry and the rest going to ACTS.

This project’s public service message is to educate people about the dangers of feeding pets table food during holidays and provide families with healthy alternates.  Turkey bones can cause choking hazards for pets, and other foods, like sweets and rich gravy, cause pets to become sick and even die.  In an effort to prevent this, Prince William SPCA has worked for many years to provide healthy pet food to families in need.