Spay/Neuter Assistance Coupon Program

Spay/Neuter Coupon Program Ends
As of September 1, 2016, the Prince William SPCA’s coupon program will no longer continue to offer coupons for spay/neuter surgeries.  We want to thank the Anicira Veterinary Clinic for their partnership in the program these last four years and commend all the pet parents who participated.  Since launching this program in 2012, the Prince William SPCA has sponsored more than $60,000 in funding, helping to spay and neuter more than 2,500 cats and dogs.

Why is it Ending?  What’s Next?
As with any program, it is important to make changes to meet the needs of the community.  In 2009, our Neuter Commuter transported pets out of the community for spay/neuter services. Next, the coupon program brought those services to our backyards at the Anicira Veterinary Clinic. The evolution will continue with this new program to promote the need to spay/neuter and offer more options for low-income residents who may not spay or neuter their pets otherwise.  Volunteers are hard at work developing plans for the next chapter in our quest to end pet overpopulation in the greater Prince William County region.  Watch our website and social media outlets later this year for updates and launch dates.

Yes, You Still Have Great Spay/Neuter Options!
If your dog or cat is in need of spay/neuter services, please contact your local veterinarian or the Anicira Veterinary Clinic located in Manassas.  They offer affordably priced spay/neuter services, financial assistance and a convenient location right in our community.  Financial assistance is available.  Click here for more information.

Website: Visit Them Here

Anicira Veterinary Clinic Fee Schedule for All Clients:
Females $155
Males $95

50 pounds and under $175
51-75 pounds $195
76-100 pounds $245
Over 100 pounds $295

Feral Cat Package
Male or Female feral cats in humane traps $65
Includes Rabies vaccine, HCP Feline Distemper vaccine and required ear tip

Rabbits $225

Additional Procedures
Preanesthetic blood work $70
Umbilical hernia repair (with spay/neuter surgery) $55
Inguinal cryptorchid neuter $55
Bilateral inguinal cryptorchid $110
Abdominal cryptorchid neuter $150
Deciduous tooth removal $35
Hind dewclaw removal for dogs $20/paw


PWSPCA’s Neuter Commuter Program
Serving the community from 2009-2012